Friday, 12 February 2010

It looks like ants demolishing a reverse

The weirdest quote from last weeks Superbowl. That was the first time I watched it and I must say I really enjoyed it. Being a Brit, me, my bf and our friend had to stay up late to watch it due to the time difference but it was totally worth it. I am not a sporty person but I found myself shouting "Run bitch run!" repeatedly at the screen. :) That was a great day because we also went to see an ice hockey match which was awesome. Another first for me that day.

I realised I forgot to say, we got the kittens a month ago, a boy and a girl. They are soooo cute, but are little rascals. They have been named Axle and Rose. Not many people seem to have noticed the Gun's and Rose's reference, lol. Everything is a plaything to them and I think they are ninja kittens. Because they seem to pop up everywhere, even when the door is closed and they weren't in the room before. They have foun
d out how to get into my chest of drawers when all the drawers are closed and seem to like sleeping in my underwear drawer - the little pervs :P. Rose is rather funny because whenever you pick her up, she climbs onto your shoulder and stays there so you feel like a pirate with a parrot. Arrrrr!

Great news for the shops, I've been interviewed for the Try Handmade blog and I'm going to be in a craft fair in Didsbury next month :). More details about that when they come. I have been slowly making new items for Random Quirks and been quickly finding some great pieces for the vintage section at Toast Rack. So keep looking :)

In other news - to stick up two fingers to Valentines Day, me and the bf are going to play Laser Quest. Yep, shoot each other with lasers. I think thats quite romantic, don't you? :P

On a sad note, RIP Alexander McQueen - yet another talent gone too soon. He was a great British designer who will be missed by everyone who admired him and his work. The deepest sympathy for his family.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

RQ Limited and Toast Rack Vintage

Here's a sneak peak at the new RQ limited and Toast Rack Vintage collections before I list them in the next week or so. First a couple of pieces from the RQ Limited collection:
Anchors away necklace: $18
Lovers Kiss Earrings $7
And now a couple of finds for the Toast Rack Vintage collection:

1950s Tapestry clip on earrings $13

1980s Bally shoes $35

Let me know what you think?