Saturday, 15 January 2011

Happy New Year – I’m back!

What a busy Christmas and New Year! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays - I know I did. My shops didn’t have a very good one though. I still can’t seem to get a very good work/life/shops balance. I’m working on it though, it’s one of my new years resolutions. Random Quirks didn’t have anything new to list and I didn’t have time to list any Toast Rack stock. Bad me.

Fast forward to 2011 (wow) and I have some new Random Quirks jewellery all ready to photograph and am working on making detailed descriptions on all my Toast Rack stock so that I can list stuff even when I’m in a hurry. I also have a few new pieces to photograph – who likes handbags? Today I am having a photo shoot so I can hopefully list something for each shop today. 

Since I last blogged, I have been to two fairs, one on the 14th of November that went really really well and another on the 9th of this month which went just alright. I have now set up albums on each of my shops facebook pages that show all the photos I’ve taken at craft and vintage fairs I’ve been to over the last year. Take a look here for Toast Rack and here for Random Quirks.

In other news, I got kept on in my job at New Look. I am no longer a temp, yay! Just on the hunt for a graduate job now that I have a bit of job security while I search. I’m currently waiting to hear back from one at the moment so fingers crossed.

So since it’s 2011, I’d better make some resolutions:

1.     Complete my sales goals for both my shops
2.     Get a proper job
3.     Eat more fruit and vegetables
4.     Blog more often and be more active in the craft and vintage community
5.     Be more tidy and organised

That’s all for now folks, but keep an eye on the shops for new stuff coming in. I shall leave you with this photo of Axle in the snow. It was the first time both him and Rose had seen snow so they were very confused!